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Rudy Profumi 

A brilliant and extroverted character, Antonio leaves the leadership of the company to his four sons who aim at international expansion, expanding the distribution network to over 30 countries around the world and promoting a wide range of products for body care and beauty. Today we are happy to offer the best of the Italian perfume tradition and style. We continue to blend aesthetics and essence in a search for quality materials and components capable of delighting the eye and giving everyone an intense feeling of well-being.


HERITAGE We have always experienced cosmetics as the art of combining appearance and essence. A vocation that has been handed down in Rudy for generations starting with the genius of Spiridione Calabrese, who was the first to find the formula to melt and solidify lipsticks in sticks. Spiridione was a multifaceted man and the success of his discovery was the result of an intense activity, which began in his small hairdressing shop in Via San Paolo in Milan. ​

​HERITAGEIn 1914 he sold the business to his brother and he switched from mixing dyes to making cosmetics. We are in 1920, women's fashion undergoes a revolution of style and practicality while the myth of Rodolfo Valentino burns in the cinemas. Lipstick stick becomes a resounding success, Spiridione Calabrese is appointed Commander of Labor and founds Rudy Profumi.

The brand is designed for luxury products, a synthesis of Italian style and an international vocation. Rudy Profumi becomes an industry and begins to advertise his brand in women's magazines, in cinemas and via radio with the slogan: “The secret of the fascinating look”. Thanks to the success achieved and the pride of the family, Rudy Profumi overcomes the hard times of the war. During the subsequent economic boom, Antonio, son of Spiridione, takes over the management and launches new perfume lines in which the packaging becomes a gift object.

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